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Leaves are dropping in winter naturally as part of the olive tree grow cycle. so don't stress about it if few leaves are dropping and new leaves are showing up. Do not over-water. You should water the tree infrequently but deep and the soil should not be moisture or damp.

I think i was possibly not watering it enough.

If you set a plant in full sun inside a room, it is usually wise to make sure there is adequate air circulation. Olea can certainly tolerate the light levels, but it may rebel at the lack of air flow which allows the temperature of the leaf surface to climb to very high levels. Jul 09, Yes, much too acidic for olive trees, Outernation.

They like a neutral to slightly alkaline soil. You might try drilling holes in the ground with a soil auger, about 30 cm apart under the drip line. Mix the soil from each hole with about 5 ml of coarse ground limestone, preferably dolomitic, before. Leaves of my olive tree are turning yellow and falling off.

My olive tree started to show signs of distress - half of the leaves curled inwards, a few started to fall off - some turned yellow, some fell healthy and green, some turned brown at the base, close to the branch, and then fell off. People Also Asked, Why are the tips of my olive tree leaves turning brown? Leaf tips turn brown when that lost water can’t be replaced for some reason. Anything that inhibits roots from absorbing enough water - or supplying it to the plant fast enough - can lead to unsightly brown includes providing the plant with too much water, too little water or too much fertilizer.

Very dry or windy conditions can exacerbate the situation. Keep your tree well watered during the first few months. Many people incorrectly assume that olives should seldom be watered. While mature, established olive trees are famous for drought resistance, young or newly planted trees should be treated like any other newly planted tree.

It is still slowly opening up new leaves, and it looks like it should have a lot of new growth on it- but im not sure why it is dropping so many of the older leaves- especially when they aren't yellowing or anything.

Why Are The Leaves On My Olive Tree Turning Yellow. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. The lemon tree has couple of leaves falling off. That’s why you see those wilted, yellow or brown leaves. consists of large shrubs or small trees. Root rot. Generally caused by overwatering, root rot can also occur in tea olives planted in poor-draining clay soils or soggy locations.

Leaves may wilt, fade, turn yellow and drop off, and bark at the soil line may be unnaturally dark.

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