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Pests Appalachian Spring is the only flowering dogwood resistant to dogwood anthracnose disease.

Because dogwood trees are also dormant in late fall, it is also a good time for planting. After the tree goes dormant, but before the ground freezes is ideal.

Since in some areas fall is drier than in the spring, it's important to make sure the dogwood tree receives sufficient water. Choosing Between Spring and Fall.

Mar 23, Dogwoods can be planted with success in the spring or in the fall. You will need to water every day for the first few weeks after planting, and then go to every other day watering for six to seven Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. Jan 10, Flowering dogwood is a popular tree native to the eastern U.S., including North Florida.

This beautiful spreading tree grows up to 35 feet tall. In nature, the dogwood is an understory tree, so it does best in part or filtered sun. Dogwoods grow best in well drained, slightly acidic soils. Aug 25, Moderately Drained / Somewhat Poorly Drained Soil: If you are planting a Dogwood tree on level ground that drains slowly and the soil stays wet for 72 hours or more after rainfall or irrigation, or drains at a rate of 1/2 inch or less per hour during the soil drainage test, set your Dogwood tree in the planting hole with the top edge of the root ball 6 inches or more above ground level.

Unfortunately, the Pacific Dogwood can be susceptible to dogwood anthracnose fungal disease, which was introduced to North American in the late s.

If necessary, add. Nov 12, The English Dogwood. English dogwood (Philadelphus indorus), also called mock orange, is a native that grows well in North Florida areas located in USDA hardiness zones 8a and 8b. Plants are trainable as smallish trees through pruning.

Left in their natural state, the trees grow as large shrubs. English dogwood trees have dark green, glossy Author: Joyce Starr.

Morning sun with afternoon shade or filtered sun is perfect.

Dogwoods are typically an understory tree in the wild. Dogwoods are easy care trees that will likely bloom by their second year, but sometimes will bloom in their first year. Planting your dogwood: Before you plant, cut off any damaged roots with a sharp knife, and soak plant roots in water for hours. Dogwoods should be planted in autumn or early spring, and never in summer when it is hot and dry.

The hole should not be deep, but it should be extra wide to allow the roots to easily grow outwards. Dogwoods, unless otherwise stated, prefer a cool sunny site and can tolerate light shade. Jun 23, 'Cherokee Sunset' flowering dogwood C. florida. Type: Tree Zones: Exposure: Partial shade to full sun Height/Spread: 20 feet tall and wide Flower color & bloom time: Pink to light red flowers bloom mid-to-late spring.

Variegated yellow-green foliage turns red in the fall. It is the only variegated dogwood with red flower bracts.

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