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Brazilian pepper-tree, a showy invasive that has spread to over, acres in Florida.

Jan 08, Bad Berries. Many people grow holly so that they can use sprigs of it in their holiday décor.

Very often, the scarlet-colored berries appear in winter when gardens and yards may lack color.

But keep an eye out for any"bad berries," invasive imposters that might be lurking in your landscape. Several other plants that produce red berries have become serious pests in Florida, including Brazilian pepper, nandina, coral ardisia, asparagus.

Mar 24, If you’re not sure what type of tree or bush you’re seeing, you can also try to identify it by the berry. Here are some of the most common red berries that grow on trees and shrubs: Honeysuckle: Sometimes, red berries grow on honeysuckle shrubs in the United States. They’re bright red, bulbous and sticky and grow close to the twig near the stem of the broad leaves of the honeysuckle treefelling.pwg: Lutz FL. The pretty blooms of female plants give way to ornamental, glossy, bright red berries that ripen in fall and persist through winter.

They contrast beautifully with the evergreen foliage of leathery, lance-shaped, rich green leaves, which is clustered in whorls at the branch ends. When crushed, the aromatic leaves exude a pleasant treefelling.pwnance: Low. Dec 17, Also known as Mountain Ash, there are several native species of rowan in the USA.

They’re mid-sized trees that produce spectacular bunches of bright berries. Most are red, but some Asian species have white berries. European rowans have slightly bitter, but edible, berries that can be made into a jelly. They can also be dried, ground and used as a coffee treefelling.pwg: Lutz FL.

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