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The muffler is an OS of which there are two versions.

Sep 30, It does not dictate the number of wear rings or bushings. In certain circumstances such as high suction pressures with OH2 pumps, only one wear ring (on the impeller eye side) might be fitted to help balance axial thrust.

API notes the optional nature of throat bushings in BTW, the current edition of API is 11th edition.

However, if any dash lights continue to stay on after you start the engine it is time for you to contact us for an engine diagnostics service.

If you have upgraded the wear rings to Vespel CR, reduce the clearance of the throttle and center bushing to be ” ( mm) less than the wear ring clearance. Otherwise, keep the original design clearance. Make sure the pump overhaul results in good rotor concentricity.

(The rotor should turn freely after treefelling.pwon: Conshohocken Rd,Pennsylvania. Dec 17, In addition to the bearing requirement for a throat bushing, effects like fluid erosion and thermal expansion differences between the pump, shaft and throttle bushing must also be considered. Nonmetallic Composites. With micron levels of clearance between mechanical seal faces, high levels of vibration in the pump system can often be treefelling.pwted Reading Time: 6 mins. Pump engineering calculations of brake horsepower, power, kilowatts, motor, motors, voltage drop, circular mills, transformers, turns ratio, ohms law, dc power, voltage, current, volts, amperes, amps, impedance, capacitance, reactance and more.

Throat Bushing Sizing: Throat Bushing Flush Velocity Toggle. Equation Overview Assumptions. Short. Clearance between impeller disc vanes and stuffing box housing: in. Clearance between shaft sleeve and throat bushing: in. diametral.

(max ″) E. Field reassembly 1. Back out pusher screws and bolt distance piece to casing. Make sure proper gasket is placed in between. 2. Replace foot support bolts. 3. Reconnect all.

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