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If your hydrangeas are planted in an area that sees high temperatures.

} An Endless Summerhydrangea blooms both on growth from the previous year as well as on new shoots from the current growing season. Therefore, pruning should be done with great care, as it can otherwise reduce the number of potential blooms for the next year. Best practice is to prune back stems that have just finished flowering to about 20 cm from the ground, leaving young new shoots to develop and flower.

Endless Summer hydrangea macrophylla require very little pruning day-to-day, so you are able to simply enjoy the beautiful plants. These perennial hydrangeas bloom on growth from the current year as well as previous years, which allows for the re-blooming throughout the summer.

If you prune too much, you will be removing potential blooms. Oct 30, DO: Take care to prune the flowers of the endless summer hydrangea during the summer months.

DO: Cut one or two of the oldest stems all the way down to the base. This type of maintenance will help.

How to Dry and Preserve Hydrangea Flowers.

Jun 07, I find conflicting info on the Internet about pruning an 'Endless Summer' hydrangea. Mine is about six or seven years old. Right now there are Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Smooth Hydrangeas are a breeze to care for - when the plants have gone dormant, take a hedge trimmer or pruner and cut all the stems down to between 6” and 12” in height.

Do not prune them during the growing season or you will remove the flower buds and may miss out on the flower show. The so-called ever-blooming hydrangeas, such as Endless Summer and Blushing Bride, should be treated the same. These bigleaf hydrangeas are unique in that they bloom on old wood and new wood. Blue Billow should be pruned in summer, after it has finished blooming. To enhance the blue color, use a soil acidifier (garden sulphur).

Mar 29, Blue or summer bloomer If the hydrangea is a blue hydrangea or it blooms in the summer then you should prune it after it is finished blooming. Most of these hydrangea varieties produce blooms on old wood, the wood from last season. So if you decide to prune in the springtime you might cut off the dormant buds.

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