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If the soil is dry to the touch, water, and water thoroughly.

} Jun 06, If the plant does bloom but still fails to fruit, this might be because the tree is not old enough.

If you do not have a south facing window, choose the next best location where your lemon tree will receive the longest exposure to sunlight.

Lemon tree fruiting occurs at three to five years old, depending upon the rootstock. When growing lemon trees, problems like blossom drop can be frustrating. Many of the newly forming fruits will fall off well before they can begin to grow. This lack of Ocala FL set may be due to an excess of fruits, Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Aug 27, Blossoms begin to fall off when a Meyer lemon tree is either over, or under-watered, or lacks certain nutrients.

The tree sheds the flowers to conserve energy and water consumption to increase the odds of survival.

If this happens, consider checking your watering schedule or treefelling.pwted Reading Time: 7 mins. Feb 02, Exposure to cold is a common reason for lemon trees to lose their blossoms without bearing fruit. Lemon trees do not tolerate much cold, and are generally more sensitive to cold than they are to heat.

The shock of cold weather, which for lemon trees is generally around and below 30 degrees Fahrenheit, can commonly cause a blooming lemon tree to suddenly drop its treefelling.pwg: Ocala FL. Jul 01, The National Gardening Association says that drafts, cold temperatures or fluctuations in soil moisture might be the cause of your lemon tree flowers falling off.

Lemon Tree Flower BudsMissing: Ocala FL. Mar 08, Water the lemon tree when the top inches of soil are completely dry, says the University of Florida IFAS Gardening Solutions. Depending on the weather, this should be every eight to. Jun 21, The first drop will be the unpollinated flowers at the end of the citrus blooming season.

This looks like a lot, but don’t panic. Typically, the tree will lose up to 80 percent of its flowers.

So, how can you help your Meyer lemon tree bloom?

The second drop occurs when the fruit are marble sized, and there will be. Florida Lime & Lemon Trees For Sale - Check out our extensive selection of high quality, Florida-grown lemon and lime trees! Most orders ship the same day!

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